2009 Stingray 230SX

Stingray 230SX – a 23 foot performance sport boat. Sportboats come in all shapes and sizes, but try to match the performance and style of the 230SX. It offers power options all the way up to 415hp. Performance fans who want the speed of a big-block and the efficiency of a small-block will want to check this one out. Aside from unmatched performance, it also qualifies as a second-residence status

The 230SX is Stingray’s leanest and meanest, with take-me-serious power options guaranteed to satisfy any throttle jockey’s quest for an adrenalin rush. Although well-mannered thanks to Stingray’s proven z-plane hull, once you light the wick you’d better be pointed in the right direction.

Proof that performance doesn’t have to be at the expense of comfort, the 230SX has a cabin that rivals that of a small cruiser. Its plush interior features adjustable lighting and a screened deck hatch, plus a concealed galley and head that is a marvel of computer design and manufacturing. At first glance the cabin consists of a comfortable V-berth and facing seats. But lift the sectionalized berth and it reveals a portable toilet, freshwater sink and removable butane stove. It’s amazing how a boat this hot can make its occupants look so cool.
Base MSRP $38,963 – w/ Volvo 5.0 MPI 270 HP SX

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