How to stop your dog from barking and other bad habits

When your dog starts to bark, you should investigate to what they are barking about. after confirming, if a dangerous situation or threat, leave them be and call 911.

you need to confirm why the barking

if out of the ordinary or bit unusual like a vehicle stopped in the street or stranger walking pass, a properly taught dog would be aware, on guard and not have made a sound. however if anyone unknown approaches or lingers too long, the dog may start barking, as he/she should.

when this happens, you must control the situation and follow protocol. call their name, have them come to you or you go to them, give command “good” and no for them to stop barking, give high praise with verbal, “good, boy or good, girl” with gentle petting when barking stops. do not allow them to start barking again unless a new situation occurs, then repeat protocol.

another situation, your neighbor has a visitor that is unknown and the neighbor is not home, barking would be acceptable. you still must follow protocol.

when any situation is over. if the dog continue or starts barking again, give very firm command “No” to stop and deep skoal him/her, you need make clear to the dog to stop, continue praise, as long as they have stopped.

if a neighbors is outside or someone visiting next door, neighborhood kids at play, people out and about or just walking down the street, a barking dog is unacceptable.

in this circumstance, you must give firm command “No” to stop and skoal him/her, make clear to the dog to stop, if barking continues, Repeat, firm command “No” to stop and skoal him/her. No praise when barking stops.

dogs can identify individual people, they remember who these people are, by following protocol consistently, your teaching the dog that its not ok to bark at this person or thing but it is ok to bark that unfamiliar person or thing.

this is very important

then the dog is correct in barking, always give firm verbal command to stop, give praise when obey.

even when correct to bark, do not allow continues barking. your praise tells them they did good and its over, they must stop. if you do the above consistently, they will learn this good behavior.

when not correct to bark

if your dog is barking just to hear its self, at the dog across the street, the wind blowing through the trees, a bike rider goes by, neighbor comes home. then you must break bad habit.

with a firm verbal command to stop, give NO praise when obey.

if barking continues, firm command till they stop, discipline and/or and firm verbal skoaling is in order.

our pets love affection,

giving verbal praise with “good” they learn they did something right.

giving verbal skoaling with “no or bad” they learn they did something wrong.

giving verbal command to obey with no praise, the dog learns they were doing something they should not be doing. this the same thing you did to keep them out of the garbage. by not giving praise, the dog learns this is not acceptable behavior.

if your dog don’t obey, you must make them. if you can’t, they don’t respect you as the alpha.


Human to Dog Translation

Human Dog
Good I Did Good
No Stop and Behave
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