Super Bowl Trivia: 2011

Super Bowl trivia:

  • Super Bowl XLV on FOX reached a total audience of 162 million viewers, making it the most-watched show television history according to The Nielsen Company.
    • Super Bowl XLV (Packers-Steelers 2011), 162.9 million Viewers
    • Super Bowl XLIV (Colts-Saints 2010), 153.4 million Viewers
    • Super Bowl XLIII (Cardinals-Steelers 2009), 151.6 million Viewers
    • Super Bowl XLII (Giants-Patriots 2008), 148.3 million Viewers
    • Super Bowl XXXVIII (Patriots-Panthers 2004), 144.4 million Viewers
  • The Vince Lombardi Trophy made by Tiffany takes 72 man-hours to produce; it costs $12,500.

The NFL also pays for up to 150 rings for the winning team at $5,000 apiece (plus adjustments for extra gold or diamonds) and 150 pieces of jewelry for the losing team, each to cost up to half the price of the Super Bowl ring.

Super Bowl Sunday, the second-biggest eating day of the year (Thanksgiving is first) but No. 1 in snack food consumption

Snack food consumption is double the average day: 4,000 tons of tortilla chips, 4,000 tons of popcorn and 14,000 tons of potato chips are snarfed.

During Super Bowl Sunday 2006, viewers ate 49.5 million pounds of avocados, enough to cover Ford Field end zone to end zone in more than 11.8 feet of guacamole.

Super Bowls dominate the list of all-time highest-rated telecasts, and sales of big-screen TVs increased 500% the week before XXXIX.

On Super Bowl Monday, sales of antacids are 20% higher than the average Monday.

A 30-second commercial during Super Bowl XLI went for an average of $2.6 million, up from XL’s $2.5 million.

Sprint paid the NFL a record $12 million to sponsor Super Bowl XL’s halftime show, in which the Rolling Stones performed for 12 minutes.

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