Tips for Losing Pounds Fast for Summer

Knock Out Water Retention with Quick Fitness & Nutritional Fixes

With summer around the corner, is your body ready for bathing suits, sundresses, shorts and tank tops? According to a recent survey for Albolene(R) Moisturizing Cleanser, which has been used by boxers for decades to help lose water weight, 84 percent of women admit they would take action (diet and exercise) before showing off their body.

Professional female boxer and creator of the Million Dollar Workout DVD, Mia St. John, offers tricks to quickly knock inches off your tummy, thighs and buttocks, including the “boxer’s secret” of using Albolene to increase a workout’s efficiency:

— Sweat it Off: One of the quickest ways to lose retained water and pounds/inches, is to sweat it out. “Liberally apply Albolene, which liquefies on contact with skin, to problem areas, such as thighs and abdomen, before a workout, to create a ‘blanket effect,'” says St. John. “The Albolene helps create increased perspiration to reduce water weight significantly faster, so you’ll see and feel results quickly.” (Note: Water weight loss can be dramatic, but is temporary if you don’t follow a regular exercise regimen).

— Cardio to the Rescue: Jumpstart your weight loss routine with cardiovascular exercise to get your heart pumping. Excessive perspiration from running, aerobic gym equipment and jumping rope will help you de-bloat and lose inches and pounds quickly. St. John recommends doing cardio several days a week as a warm up for 10-15 minutes, or as a workout for at least 30 minutes, in order to get your heart rate up.

— High Protein, Low Carbs: Eliminating white carbohydrates while eating lean protein for a couple of weeks is great for quickly dropping pounds for an event or jumpstarting your fitness program. Lean protein is important for growth and to build and repair bones and muscle. Fill your diet with fibrous carbohydrates, such as berries and spinach, as well as poultry, fish, eggs, and low-fat dairy.

— Punch Up Your Workout: Spice up your workout by adding punches to your routine. “Lunges and crunches help tone abs, thighs and glutes,” says St. John. “By adding punches to lower body workouts, you’ll also be working arms and back, making a full-body workout in less time.” The added moves also keep your heart rate elevated for added perspiration and calories burned.

— Perishable Foods: Too much salt isn’t healthy, especially for someone trying to lose a few pounds. Excess salt can result in high blood pressure, and causes the body to retain water. “Stock your refrigerator with perishable foods to eliminate much salt, fat and added chemicals found in processed and canned foods,” explains St. John. “And drink water throughout the day to get rid of toxins and flush the system, keeping your body healthy and hydrated.”

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