Cessna Citation Mustang G1000

Cabin-class comfort and wide-open spaces.
The inviting Mustang club cabin takes passenger comfort and freedom to a surprisingly sophisticated level. Complex curves and sport-sedan styling create an open, highly functional environment, while panoramic windows visually expand the space with plenty of light and a view that’s amazing.

  • New styling with Citation comfort and quiet are reasons enough to make the step up to jet class.
  • Custom design and exquisite materials create one of the most quiet and relaxing travel environments in the air.
  • Club seating and six large oval windows add to cabin-class comfort.

Anticipating tomorrow’s airspace requirements.

The latest in large-format glass-cockpit flight displays and integrated sensors provides unprecedented situational awareness for weather, traffic and terrain. Complete flight management functionality eases pilot workload and makes flying safe and simple.

  • The G1000 delivers at-a-glance awareness that is comprehensive and intuitive.
  • Everything from air data to engine instrumentation, traffic and terrain can be displayed on the MFD.
  • Complete flight management functionality eases cockpit workload.

Jet freedom is on a whole new plane.
With its smooth fanjet engines, high aspect-ratio wings, sleek contours and graceful T-tail design, the Citation Mustang cuts a dashing figure on any ramp – making it virtually impossible to walk away without looking back at least once.

  • Twin PW615 engines will lift you to 41,000 feet – far above most weather and
    virtually any turboprop.
  • With 15 cu ft of storage in the nose and another 37 cu ft in the aft area
    you keep luggage and gear out of the cabin area.

The new Citation Mustang is a breakthrough combination of power, speed and true jet affordability. State-of-the-art engines, rated at 1,460 pounds of thrust each, deliver speeds of up to 340 kts (391 mph) and climbs to 41,000 feet, where turboprops simply cannot follow.

New Citation aircraft are customized to meet each purchaser’s preferences with respect to interior appointments, avionics, and other optional equipment. Thus, final aircraft prices often vary according to the type and number of options chosen. Please contact Cessna Business Jets if you would like to find out how much an aircraft configured to your preferences would cost.

Ten Cessna-owned Citation Service Centers and 24 Authorized Citation Service Centers form a worldwide network of service facilities that provide maintenance, inspections, parts, repairs, modifications, equipment installations, refurbishment and other specialized services. Cessna Citation Service Centers have the special tools and equipment, parts inventories, training, knowledge, experience and factory support necessary to keep every Citation in top condition.

Specifications & Weights
Ceiling 41,000 ft (12,497 m) maximum certified
Airport Performance
(dry, level, hard-surfaced runway with zero wind)
Takeoff distance (SL, ISA, MTOW) 3,110 ft (948 m)
Landing distance (SL, ISA, MLW) 2,390 ft (729m)
Maximum Cruise Speed 340 KTAS (630 km/hr) at 35,000 ft (10,668 m)
Engines Two Pratt Whitney PW615F
Takeoff thrust 1,460 lbs ea. (6.49 kN)
NBAA IFR Range 1,150 nm (2,130 km) full fuel, maximum takeoff weight
Outside Dimensions Wingspan 43’2″ (13.16 m)
Overall height 13’5″ (4.09 m)
Overall length 40’7″ (12.37 m)
Cabin Dimensions Height 54″ (1.37 m)
Width 55″ (1.40 m)
Length (excluding cockpit) 117″ (2.97 m)
Exterior Baggage Capacity Volume 57.0 ft3 (1.61 m3)
Full Fuel Payload
With one pilot (200 lbs)
600 lbs (272 kg)
Maximum takeoff weight N/A
Note: Performance conditions are based on the International Standard Atmosphere. Takeoff and landing field lengths are based on level, hard-surface, dry runways with no wind.
*Reflects standard aircraft with typical options, typical interior and unusable fuel and oil.
**Amount of payload and fuel that can be carried, over and above crew (based on ramp weight).
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