Gulfstream G550

Gulfstream G550 – The Flagship of the Gulfstream Fleet

The Gulfstream G550 is more than the flagship of the Gulfstream fleet. It is the world’s ultimate ultra-long-range business jet. The G550 flies 6,750 nautical miles, from New York to Tokyo, even against the strongest winds. Indeed, with cruise speeds up to Mach .885 (nine miles a minute), the G550 flies farther and faster than any other business aircraft in its class.

The G550 is also the world’s most versatile business jet. Imagine an aircraft of this size (96 feet long, 91,000 pounds) able to launch from a 3,500-foot airstrip with more than enough fuel to carry eight passengers coast to coast within the United States. High elevations, extreme heat, short runways, strong headwinds … rarely will these present a challenge to the G550. This capable aircraft enables you to travel where you want, when you want, without many of the limitations that hamper other business jets.

The View from the Cockpit.
Highlight of the Gulfstream G550 is our unique PlaneViewTM cockpit. Featuring Honeywell’s next generation Primus EpicTM avionics suite, PlaneView’s four 14″, multi-function, flat panel LCD units ease pilot workload while also providing improved situational awareness. Custom designed Gulfstream Cursor Control Devices allow both crew members to interact with displayed information for point-and-click flight planning, navigation and radio tuning. Gulfstream’s Enhanced Vision System (EVS) comes standard on the G550 and dramatically improves crew situational awareness. By projecting an infrared real-world image on the head-up display, EVS enables the crew to see through fog and darkness and to land safely at airports with low-visibility conditions.

Extending Your Nonstop Reach.
Working with Rolls-Royce, Gulfstream engineers boosted the operating efficiency of the BR710 twin turbofan engines. Combined with innovative aerodynamic improvements their efforts achieved extraordinary results. The Gulfstream G550 flies farther and faster, extending your nonstop range to a breath-taking 6,750 nautical miles at Mach .80, 6,000 nautical miles at Mach .85 or 5,000 nautical miles at Mach .87. Besides superb performance on ultra-long-range flights, the Gulfstream G550 operates more efficiently on shortrange, high-speed routes as well. Shorter required takeoff distances allow access to more airports than ever before, and a 500-pound increase in takeoff weight provides better payload capability. Fully equipped, the Gulfstream G550 comfortably carries nine passengers, with a full load of fuel. And it provides greater fuel efficiency and lower operating costs along the way.

Cabin Comfort.
Gulfstream cabins are world renowned for sophistication, comfort and productivity. G550 ambiance begins with the kind of space and amenities needed to travel, work or relax. Seating areas can be configured with comfortable groupings of adjustable reclining chairs or divans. The comfortable chairs are berthable to provide sleeping accommodations on long trips. Three temperature comfort zones, 100 percent fresh air, 14 signature panoramic oval windows showering the cabin with light and a maximum cabin altitude of just 6,000 feet create an inviting atmosphere in which to work, or relax.

As you work or relax in the quiet comfort of the Gulfstream G550 , the miles and hours seem to slip away unnoticed. Gulfstream engineers were not content to create the world’s best large-cabin, ultra-long-range, high-performing business jet in its category, they were intent on delivering the safest, most comfortable and productive interior environment as well. Gulfstream Select Interiors™ has been developed to perfect every facet of the cabin design to minimize the strain of ultra-long-range travel and to provide an abundance of personal comforts.

The G550 features the best overall cabin in its class. Six available aft galley cabin layouts with typical seating for twelve to eighteen passengers feature up to four distinct living areas. The full-size galley is designed for hot meal service and includes many amenities to make ultra-long-range flights as comfortable as possible. The G550 features two lavatories, one aft and one forward, and the largest baggage area, all fully accessible while in flight. Fourteen Gulfstream signature oval windows increase the sense of spaciousness while providing breathtaking views. More importantly, during daylight they substantially brighten the cabin with an abundance of natural light, helping to counter the effects of jet lag. Equally significant for passenger well-being is the 100 percent fresh air system dramatically reducing
the discomfort of air travel and health risks of breathing recirculated air. A maximum cabin altitude of 6,000 ft creates an inviting atmosphere in which to work or relax.

The world moves faster every day. Meetings, commitments and opportunities have us traveling at an unprecedented rate. And while advances in technology have positively impacted our ability to succeed, technology in itself will never surpass a face-to-face meeting. For the accomplished and discerning executive, business while enroute needs to continue as if you never left the office. Gulfstream’s Broad Band Multi-Link enables customers to access secure ULTRA-HIGH-SPEED internet through reliable wireless connections (offered as an option).

Award-Winning Service and Product Support.
Every G550 is backed by an excellent warranty and by award-winning service and product support. We stand behind your flight operations 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 52 weeks a year. Together with General Dynamics Aviation Services we operate 11 service centers and an extensive network of authorized warranty and parts distribution centers around the world. Our knowledgeable field service and
technical service representatives are available around the clock, providing a swift response to your transportation needs worldwide. Under our exclusive industry-leading Gulfstream Airborne Product Support program, a dedicated Gulfstream business jet aircraft with a crew of qualified technicians can be launched on short notice to deliver urgently needed parts to customers in North America.

The Ownership Experience.
Gulfstream offers an Ownership Experience that is second to none–with the G550, you will discover more reasons than ever for choosing a Gulfstream aircraft

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