Mooney Acclaim Type S

Meet the latest addition to the Mooney fleet, the Acclaim Type S, even faster and more powerful than ever before. Thanks to a combination of aerodynamic refinements, the latest version of the Acclaim will now fly faster and farther. The Mooney Acclaim Type S is unquestionably the fastest single…period.

Fly faster. Fly farther. In the new powerhouse advancement of the bestselling, single-engine rectractable on the market. Pilots know. There’s no aircraft like the new Mooney Acclaim Type S. Nothing has prepared you for the performance punch you’ll feel when you pull back the yoke. You’ll fall in love with pure speed and flying excitement all over again

If you’ve driven a high-performance car, you have an idea of how it feels to sit in the left seat of a Mooney. Hand-stitched leather seats fit you like a glove. Front seat belts include an inertia reel and an AMSAFE airbag, standard on all models.

Additional seat options include oxygen and Bose headset connections. Back seat options include either two individual seats, which recline, or a three-place bench seat (great for the kids). Pilots as tall as 6’8” fly in comfort. All occupants find they have excellent visibility and appreciate the individual lighting and air controls. All Mooneys offer heating and optional air conditioning. Handy storage accommodates logbooks and more. An expandable, flat-floor baggage area holds everything from suitcases to golf clubs to coolers.

Garmin G1000 Integrated Avionics Suite This is the all-glass, flat-panel cockpit with the technological muscle to match Mooney performance — bringing new levels of safety, simplicity and situational awareness to Mooney pilots. The Garmin G1000 consolidates and includes GFC 700 Automatic Flight Control System that displays all primary flight, navigation, engine and sensor data on crystal-sharp, sunlight-readable LCDs.

And the Garmin system delivers benefits exclusive to Mooney: Flap and pitch-trim display. Aural call-outs. Dual-battery backup power for enhanced redundancy. And superior auto-pilot integration.

The G1000 puts a wealth of flight-critical data right at the pilot’s fingertips.

Flight instrumentation
Wide horizon, three-axis flight dynamics, air speed, altitude, vertical speed, horizontal situation indication with selectable 360-degree and segmented arc directional views.

Engine performance
All engine operational parameters, engine trend data, exceedance monitoring, lean assist and more.

Further weather radar, satellite weather data link (via Weather Works and XM Radio), lightning-detection interfaces.

Built-in growth capacity for Class-B TAWS, detailed topographic mapping.



Cabin Features

•Leather Seats
•Cabin and Baggage Door Locks
•Access Step
•Four Headrests
•Side Armrests, Front & Rear
•Pilot Armrest
•Carpet, Floor and Baggage Area
•Carpet side panels
•Storage Pockets
•Heating & Windshield Defrost System w/ Blower
•Reclining Front & Rear Seats
•Vertically Adjusting Seats, Pilot & Copilot
•Inertia-Reel Shoulder Harness Pilot & Copilot
•Shoulder Harness, Rear Seats
•Removable Rear Seats for Cargo
•Baggage Door w/ Inside Release Handle
•Seven Cabin Fresh Air Vents
•Leather Wrapped Control Yokes
•Chart Light Pilot/Copilot Yoke
•Four Overhead Adjustable Reading Lights
•Auto-off Light Baggage Area
•Pilot Sun visor w/ Performance Chart
•Copilot Sunvisor
•Pilot/Copilot PTT Switch
•Two Baggage Tie-Down Straps
•Hat Shelf & Coat Hook – non a/c aircraft
•Tinted Windshield & Windows
•Cup Holders
•Sound-Dampening Composite Interior

Control Features

•Push-Pull Vernier Primary Engine Controls
•Dual Flight Controls
•Push-Pull Tube-Actuated Flight Control System
•Electric & Manual Full-Tail Elevator Trim
•Electric Rudder Trim
•Electrically Operated Wing Flaps, Pre-set for Takeoff and Landing
•Electrically Operated Retractable Landing Gear w/Airspeed Safety
•Bypass Switch
•Ratchet/Pull Cable Emergency Gear Extension System
•Rudder Pedals, Pilot & Copilot
•Direct Nose-wheel Steering
•Parking Brake
•Electric Speed Brakes
•Brakes, Pilot & Copilot

Electrical System

•Dual 10 Amp-Hour Batteries, 24 Volts
•100 Amp Alternator, 28 Volts
•20 Amp Alternator, 28 Volts – Stand-by
•Voltage Regulator w/High & Low Warning Light
•Protective Pop-Out Circuit Breakers – with Dual bus system
•Systems Annunciator Panel w/Master Warning
•High Security Key Operated Ignition Switch
•Ground Power Receptacle
•Wing-Mounted Dual Landing & Taxi Lights
•Wing-Tip Recognition Lights
•Navigation Lights
•Cabin Lights, Front & Rear
•Three-Point Strobe Light System
•Rotating Beacon
•14 VDC Cabin Accessory Outlet

Fuel System

•Two Integral (Wet) Wing Tanks
•Engine-Driven Fuel Pump
•Electric Auxiliary /Boost Fuel Pump
•Wing Tank Quick Drains
•Fuel Selector Valve & Drain Control
•Mechanical Fuel Quantity Gauge Each Wing
•Fuel Drain Sampler Cup

Range Map


•Flight Hour Recorder
•Internally Lighted Instruments w/Rheostat
•Glareshield Flood Lights w/Rheostat Powerplant
•TCM TSIO-550-G, 280 BHP, Twin Turbo, Dual Intercoolers
•Dual Magneto Ignition, Shielded Ignition Harness
•Tuned Induction System
•Lightweight Electric Starter
•Re-usable Air Filter
•Constant Speed, Three Blade Propeller with polished spinner
•Fuel Injection System
•Full-flow Oil Filter
•Alternate Air Induction System
•Dyna-Focal Engine Mounts
•Oil Quick Drain

Other Features

•Tubular Steel, Welded Fuselage Cabin
•Continuous Carry-Through Wing Spar Assembly
•Semi Trailing-Link Landing Gear w/Rubber Disc Shock Absorbers inner doors for the main gear
•Dual-puck Cleveland Chrome Disc Brakes
•Dual Static Ports w/Drain
•Heated Pitot Tube
•Wing Jack Points/External Tie-Downs
•Gear Warning Horn
•Stall Warning Horn
•Emergency Locator Transmitter
•Collapsible Tow Bar
•Epoxy Polymide & Conversion Coat Anti-corrosion Treatment
•AcryGlo Polyurethane Finish
•Anti-Skid Wing Walk
•Wheel Covers
•Dual Nav/Com Antennas
•Static Wicks
•Pilot Operating Handbook
•Fire Extinguisher
•Michelin Air Tires

Flight Training
Every new Mooney aircraft sale includes a 4 day initial/transition course. For the less-experienced pilot, a four-day course has been designed to teach to your level of skill, proficiency and confidence. It includes two days of systems review, a cockpit-resource trainer for procedural training, two days of flight training in your airplane learning the items you want to cover or need familiarization with and finally, a stage check for your flight home.

At the Mooney center in San Antonio, TX., training on Mooney aircraft has been taking place for more than a dozen years. The courses are designed for VFR and IFR pilots who want to remain current in or transition to a later Mooney aircraft. The courses are FAA-approved and encompass Mooney aircraft systems operation, aircraft performance and emergency procedures. The center offers both initial training for pilots new to a Mooney, as well as recurrent training for those with experience.

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