Rolls-Royce AE 3007 Power

Power for Embraer and Cessna

The reliability, performance and versatility of the AE 3007 turbofan is demonstrated on regional, corporate and military applications.   The engine powers Embraer’s ERJ family of regional jets and Legacy 600, Cessna’s Citation X business jets and the US military’s Global Hawk.

  • In excess of 3000 engines to Cessna and Embraer
  • Over 1400 AE 3007 powered aircraft in service
  • Over 32 million AE 3007 engine total flying hours
  • AE 3007 powered aircraft take off or land every
  • 20 secondsMost fuel efficient in its class
  • Over 95 per cent of the AE 3007 powered ERJ
  • fleet under TotalCare®

Manufactured by Rolls-Royce in Indianapolis, Indiana the AE 3007 turbofan entered into service in 1995 as a leader in its class, meeting the meticulous requirements of regional, corporate and military customers.  With a common core among the Rolls-Royce AE family of engines, including the AE 2100 turboprop and the AE 1107 turboshaft, the AE 3007 allows operators to benefit from worldwide usage, military qualifications and international civil certification.

Safety and reliability are strong values of the AE 3007, supported by the Rolls-Royce global customer support and maintenance network. Rolls-Royce offers both TotalCare® and CorporateCare® maintenance plans for the AE 3007 family of engines, allowing worry-free management and  cost predictability for operators.

The Cessna Citation X, powered by the AE 3007C, is a high speed business jet, with a top speed of Mach 0.92.  In addition, the AE 3007 series powered Embraer ERJ family of regional jets and Legacy Business jets, the ERJ fleet of aircraft, with more than 1400 in operation, continues to grow, accumulating more than 23 million flight hours on the AE 3007A series, contributing largely to the total 32 million flight hours on the engine.

The AE 3007 has been a fuel efficiency leader since its introduction in 1995, making it the greenest engine in its class and enjoys the reputation of being the quietest engine on the market.

  • Inlet mass flow ….. 240 – 280lb/sec
  • Length …………….. 115.1in
  • Weight ……………. 1,586lb
  • Stages …………….. Fan, 14 HPC, 2 HPT, 3 LPT
  • Certification ……… 1995
  • EIS ………………… 1995

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