Royal Denship 82′ Open Luxury Power Cruiser

Royal Denship 82′ Open Luxury Power Cruiser

Driven by passion
The 82′ Open is designed by Bill Dixon to maximize both pleasure and performance, inside and out. Winner of the International Superyacht Design Award the 82′ Open is already a symbol of the next generation of motor yachts. In every detail of the yacht, strength, appearance and comfort are taken into consideration. Advanced hull technology and handling science are combined in perfect harmony. Royal Denship is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of custom-built superyachts, meeting the needs of the most exclusive clients in the world. Our shipyards are showcases in exceptional craftsmanship and technology, allowing us to offer a unique combination of superlative design, engineering, construction and service. The 82′ Open of Royal Denship defines new standards in the world of luxury yachts, affording a unique opportunity to own an out standingly crafted work of art. At Royal Denship we produce luxury yachts of uncompromising quality, combining the world’s best and most thoroughly tested composite technology with innovative computerized yacht management.

Our skilled craftsmen translate our design specifications into exquisite, interior fittings using only the finest materials and Danishhand craft traditions. From hand-carving the wooden mouldings to hand-polishingthe ten coats of lacquer, exceptional quality isassured from start to finish. The accommodation includes an owner’s/VIP stateroom plus three spacious guest cabins. A separate fully equipped galley with crew’s quarter for two. The 82′ Open is made with integral tender and personal water craft garage.

The sliding sunroof makes our open series truly open. Enjoy the sun and fresh air with the top open or keep it closed and enjoy the air-conditioned comfort of the main salon as you breeze past the sights on your yachting adventure. The aft deck also offers ample space for dining and entertaining.

Royal Denships 82′ open is one of the first luxury power cruisers to be fitted with surface-piercing propulsion technology, using high-tech composite epoxy and carbon/e-glass fibre materials. The two five bladed props, with a diameter of 108cm each, make this beautiful power cruiser deliver 45 knots at half load. The great advantages of Q-SPD are that your cruising is more smooth. Reduced drag and less weight means she runs faster and has a minimum draught. No hydraulic systems tomaintain and less to go wrong. Q-SPD makes the yacht a lot safer and gives superior handling compared to rudder less drives and conventional shaft-and-prop installation.

One powerful, state-of-the-art management and entertainment system. Managing all the essential aspects of your yacht environment. Bringing together individual subsystems Lantic Systems offers a complete solution for unsurpassed monitoring and management. All operated by an easy to use Lantic remote control with one-touch buttons or on-screen menu, wall-mounted LCD touch panel, PDA or Keyboard

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