Beechcraft Premier IA Business Jet

Beechcraft Premier IA: Business Jet

  • 1 Pilot / 7 Passengers
  • Speed …. 451 kts
  • Altitue … 41,000 ft
  • Range …. 1490nm

Premier IA – Representing balance of speed, performance, reliability and flexibility, the Beechcraft Premier IA vividly demonstrates that business and pleasure in air travel need not be mutually exclusive.

Whenever and wherever you need to travel for that next business opportunity, the Premier IA is ready to take you in elegant style and comfort. In fact, from the exceptionally quiet and spacious cabin—the largest among all comparable light jets—it is easy to forget you are cruising at over 500 miles per hour.

In the Cabin, When you climb aboard, the first question is: “How did Beechcraft manage to create a light jet with a ‘midsize-jet’ interior?” It began with the advanced composite fuselage. It has none of the ribs and stringers required by aluminum airframes.

That not only saved a lot of space and weight, it allowed the creation of an interior that is roomy, quiet and comfortable with features like down-wash lighting, contoured seats that swivel and recline, a private aft lavatory, and the availability of a variety of audio and video entertainment systems.


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